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Commercial bin cleaning Warrington & Cheshire

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The need to maintain high standards of hygiene in the workplace has lead to an increased demand for effective cleaning & disinfecting of commercial waste containers. Our clients encompass all industry sectors from Food Handlers to Housing Managers.

All food handlers should use a commercial bin cleaning service.
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Benefits of our Commercial Bin Cleaning service
  • Eliminates Pest Infestation
  • Minimise offensive Odours
  • Reduces risk of Cross Contamination
  • Minimise offensive Odours
  • Reduces risk of Cross Contamination
  • Improves Hygiene Standard

Problems caused by unclean commercial bins

  •  Dirty bins attract rats
  • Risk of fly infestation
  • Bacterial breeding ground
  • Offensive odours

Other advantages

  • The cleaning and sanitising process can also be extended to include Bin Store Areas
  • We have the Cleaning Equipment to Clean your Bin Area to keep it hygienic and Rodent free

Quote from the BBC

“The North West’s rat population has increased by twice the national average in the past year.

Rats spend less time in the sewers and more in our rubbish

Experts estimate that there are now 60 million rats in the UK.

That’s one for every person.

There are many possible reasons for this increase:

  • Mild winters
  • Cutbacks in pest control expenditure
  • Increase in takeaway food shops and food litter

But the biggest reasons is our rubbish – the increase in it and often careless disposal of it.

Whether it’s throwing our chip paper on the floor or leaving bags of rubbish outside – disease-carrying rodents thrive on it.”

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